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Before publication

To submit your work to Writehers and be published in our literary magazine is as easy as 1,2,3.

First, make your profile on our Community, tell us about yourself, your work, news and views. Connect with and friend the editors. Join groups, make friends.

Secondly, post your work in your Bloghers section. Once you have your work on Writehers in the Bloghers section, and you feel you have content you wish to be published in the main areas of the site. Contact the editors on their profiles, post on their wall, or PM them for privacy. Our editors will review and discuss your article before publication in the sites featured areas.

After publication:

When we publish your post, it will be shared on @WomenWriters on Twitter. We also post it on our Facebook page. Our community also brings new readers to you, by the social sharing of our members. In addition, we will retweet your work periodically over time driving readhers to your work.

Reach out, gain more readers and exposure for your work with Writehers. Questions? If you have any questions, connect with the editors and drop them a message via their @Writehers community profiles.